Welcome to the WIOA Quick Start Action Planner!

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) presents an extraordinary opportunity for the public workforce system to transform and improve the quality of life for job seekers and workers through an integrated, job-driven system that links diverse talent to our nation's businesses.

The WIOA Quick Start Action Planner (QSAP) is an interactive, self-paced assessment tool designed to help leaders at all levels of the public workforce system plan for this transformation and prepare for implementation of WIOA. The QSAP will help you identify areas of strength and focused areas for improvement in your workforce system and connect you to targeted resources that can help you to prepare and plan effectively.

Who should use the QSAP?

The QSAP is designed for leaders in the public workforce system at the state and local levels. Completing the QSAP and holding a team discussion on the results will help states and local areas develop a common understanding of their readiness to implement WIOA and jointly develop a plan to address opportunities for action.

How does the QSAP work?

Select a QSAP to get started.
Respond to a series of statements that assess where you believe your workforce system currently stands on each indicator.
Receive a report of the results and links to targeted resources.

How can the QSAP be used for results?

Read the WIOA QSAP User Guide for information on how to get the most use out of the assessment tool. The QSAP can be used in many ways to prepare for WIOA implementation:

  • Individual Results and Team Discussion: Individuals take the QSAP and then share their results in a group setting – team discussion helps to align around current conditions and areas for action.
  • Facilitated Group Discussion: A facilitator leads your team through the QSAPs as part of a strategic planning session to collectively identify priorities for change.
  • Benchmarking Progress: You can save the QSAP results as a benchmark – take it again in 6 months or a year to assess your progress.
  • Create a WIOA Action Plan: You can use the Action Plan template, a fillable PDF form, to develop a plan to implement WIOA. (You can also use the Action Plan template (Microsoft Word) to further customize your planning document)

Select a QSAP to Get Started!


Strategic partnerships and program alignment across workforce, education, economic development, business, social services, and other key programs and systems.

State Leadership and Governance

The critical role of strategic State Boards in providing leadership and governance for the public workforce system.

One-Stop Center Service Design

Customer-centered and integrated service delivery through one-stop centers that provide high quality services to job seekers and businesses.

Youth Services Strategies

Service delivery strategies that emphasize work-based learning opportunities and build career pathways for youth.

Local Leadership and Governance

The critical role of strategic Local Boards in providing leadership and governance for the public workforce system.

Eligible Training Provider Requirements

Strategies to implement WIOA eligible training provider requirements that promote consumer choice and job-driven training.