This How-To Guide is an interactive, self-paced questionnaire designed to assist you in evaluating key components of a successful employer outreach campaign. While the Guide is ideally suited for states that are planning to implement a state STC program, it also contains valuable considerations to help states expand and improve existing programs. Whether you are new to STC or a seasoned STC veteran, working through the Guide will help you identify strategies your state can use to implement or improve its STC program.


The Guide contains questions and related statements in the following three areas:

Section 1: Business Outreach Strategy
Section 2: Business Outreach Products
Section 3: Implementing and Operating the STC Program

Click YES, SOMEWHAT, or NO to indicate where your state is with respect to these areas. There are no "right" answers, and skipping questions is okay. This is a self-assessment questionnaire, not a test!

After answering the assessment questions you will receive a report that provides information and links to resources within this website. The report can be downloaded for saving and printing. This questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about your state’s STC program, so while an individual can complete the questionnaire, a discussion by a team of state staff members that have completed the questionnaire is recommended as this discussion can be especially helpful in informing and guiding your state’s strategies in engaging employers.


A critical key to program success is your state’s ability to engage employers to the point that they will say “yes” to STC. They must be convinced that the program, as an alternative to layoffs, is consistent with a business strategy to maintain operations through difficult economic times. Your first step is to get a baseline view about how well your state is reaching employers. The following questions will help you do just that.

Has the state designed an effective STC business Outreach strategy? If the state has built an effective program, the following is what you will see:

Yes Somewhat No
1. The state highlights STC as an important layoff aversion strategy in state strategic planning documents, policies, and other communications.
2. The state analyzes layoff numbers and trends in the state.
3. The state identifies target employers/ industries for STC business outreach.
4. The state considers all appropriate mediums to reach target customers, e.g., in person presentations, print, e-mail, social media, etc.
5. The state engages its public relations (PR) staff resources to coordinate its STC business outreach efforts.
6. The state identifies and includes staff in all partner units and agencies who might participate in STC business outreach as it builds its outreach plan and processes.