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WorkforceGPS Newsletter

August 2016 Newsletter

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Summer gears down while WIOA work is underway; Special WIOA WorkforceGPS Newsletter next month!

Happy August!

As summer begins to wind down and many of you squeeze in final vacations, the WIOA work continues to heat up (just like the weather did the past few weeks). Next month, instead of our regular September issue, we are assembling a special edition of the WorkforceGPS newsletter completely dedicated to WIOA Final Rules implementation and technical assistance--get excited!

In the meantime, though, we encourage you to use WorkforceGPS to continue to help you navigate to success.

Specifically, you may start with the Resource Library, which is a great place for finding excellent resources—sortable by six different categories, including over a 100 activities. Additionally, our Community of Practice Discussions allow you to access the brain power of your colleagues from all across the United States and its territories; if you haven't already joined a Community, sign up today, so you can take advantage of membership. And finally, even though we have done our best to make WorkforceGPS easy to use, remember that you can always search for whatever you are looking for or get assistance when you need it.

If you missed hearing from us in June and July, you can always access the newsletter archives here.




January 31, 2020

New Sectors Skill Building Materials



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August 09, 2016

Overview of the Revised WIOA ETA-9130 Financial Reports and Instructions



July 27, 2016

Implementation of Fiscal Year 2016 RESEA Grants

July 26, 2016

H-1B RTW LTU SME: Refining Business Development and Employer Engagement

July 26, 2016

Regs 101 Training: Youth Provision Title I Formula, YouthBuild and Reentry Employment Opportunities

July 18, 2016

WIOA at Year Two: Continuing the Conversation

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