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WorkforceGPS Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter

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WorkforceGPS is here; the WIOA regs are coming.

Happy June!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the WorkforceGPS Newsletter—a monthly publication intended to review some highlights from the past month; preview what's upcoming; and continue to help you navigate to success!

On April 18th, the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA) officially launched WorkforceGPS, and in the five weeks following launch, we tried to provide you with information on how WorkforceGPS can help you search, save, and share your favorite technical assistance resources more efficiently. If you did miss our emails, you’re in luck—we made you this video!

As we continue to work to improve the new site and rollout new features and collections, we hope you will provide us with your feedback and questions by emailing us at support@workforcegps.org. Remember, we have assembled an FAQ and some nifty tutorials in case you want to DIY your answer.

Speaking of rollouts, ETA has continued work on the much-anticipated WIOA regulations, due to make their debut this summer; you can expect to find up-to-date information and resources right here on WorkforceGPS. And if you have not yet joined the Innovation and Opportunity Network (ION) Community, you should; ION’s WIOA Peer Learning Groups may be of particular interest for those who are interested in discussing with like-minded colleagues from across the nation key WIOA implementation concepts, sharing promising practices, and finding solutions to challenges.

You can sign up for ION Community of Practice or any other community or collection by logging in to WorkforceGPS, clicking the My Memberships & Notifications tab, and checking the box next to any Community of Practice and/or Collection you wish you are particularly interested in. Weekly updates for your selected communities and collections will begin going out this week.

This inaugural edition of the newsletter has been sent to all registered WorkforceGPS users. To make sure you receive the July edition, for the most up-to-date news on WorkforceGPS and the WIOA regulations, please log in to WorkforceGPS, visit the My Membership & Notifications tab, and ensure that the WorkforceGPS Newsletter box is checked.




May 02, 2022

WIOA Advisories


February 02, 2022

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April 26, 2019

Video Featuring Career Pathways, Registered Apprenticeships, and Sector Strategies Toolkits



WorkforceGPS Webinar Icon

June 19, 2016

Best Practices in Retention & Supportive Services for Women in the Construction Industry

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June 08, 2016

Peer Learning Group Call on Customer Centered Design



April 27, 2016

Meet WorkforceGPS Webinar

May 15, 2016

Sector Strategies Virtual Institute Core Opening Plenary

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