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December 2017 Newsletter

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WorkforceGPS December Newsletter

In keeping with the holiday spirit, this month’s newsletter is simply a poem (slightly adapted) for you and yours:

Twas the Day Before Thursday,
And they sat at their desks,
All the people were wanting
To do their jobs best;  

Their coffee mugs filled,
Eager to help the AJC,
They searched the InterWebs
For what might be;

They found WorkforceGPS
After a quick look;
To their laboring delight—
A digital handbook!  

Well more of a library
To be very clear,
But everything they wanted
Was already right here—  

Technical assistance
Of a wide variety
And also events and
A Member Directory!

They looked and they looked;
There was so much to know;
And WorkforceGPS
Had just so much to show—

Toolkits and tactics,
Research and best practices too,
Webinars to attend with
Colleagues old and new;

Communities of Practice,
Collections galore,
So many chances to connect,
And to learn more and more!

They told their peers
Of all that they found,
And word of this website
Quickly got around;

Workforce, Education, and
Business a like—
Find what you need, as easy
As riding a bike!

Each day more people come
To know WorkforceGPS—
A sure way to continue to
Navigate to success!

So don’t you miss out;
Become a member today,
At WorkforceGPS,
Your home for virtual TA!

Stay warm!

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