AJC Customer Flow Scenarios – A Novel Approach to Staff Training
Many states and local areas have expressed a need for staff development tools that help train AJC staff, while enabling them to work collaboratively and seamlessly across programs. These stories demonstrate the characteristics of a high-quality one-stop center, as described in TEGL 04-15


New Dislocated Worker Customer Flow Scenario Available

Many states and local areas have expressed a need for tools that help AJC partners work collaboratively across programs. This scenario features Jeff who has become a dislocated worker due to downsizing at the factory where he worked for many years. Working with the local American Job Center (AJC), he benefitted from a National Dislocated Worker Grant that provided placement into an OJT to upgrade his skills.


Youth Customer Flow Scenarios Now Available: Three new stories demonstrate the flow of welcoming and guiding a young person to the appropriate staff member in order to ensure high quality American Job Center (AJC) service is provided to all youth. The Youth AJC Scenarios are not a comprehensive guide of all available programs, nor is it limited to how assistance is provided. These stories introduce a variety of needs that young adults have and exemplify the importance of ensuring youth and young adults are welcomed and guided to the appropriate staff. This booklet includes three scenarios that illustrate three youth seeking career services.

  • Josh is a Caucasian youth in search of work. The AJC youth workforce specialist is able to offer him additional services to help him establish a career pathway.
  • Kisha is an African American youth with a visual impairment interested in attending college. She has little information about colleges and available accommodations.
  • Julia is a Hispanic youth who completed 10th grade before dropping out of school. She needs a job and wants training that will generate a career.

The initial AJC Customer Flow Scenarios booklet of five scenarios illustrates a diverse set of customers and situations encountered by AJC staff:

  • Sam has an undisclosed disability and needs guidance on reasonable accommodations and other rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act as he returns to the labor force.
  • Charles is an employer seeking guidance to hire and accommodate workers with disabilities and is seeking resources on employee retention.
  • Juana is a farmworker who needs to lodge a pay complaint, and additionally requires housing and education assistance.
  • Jim wants to get back to work after being incarcerated.
  • Adele is a single mother transitioning from public assistance to sustainable employment.

Spanish AJC Customer Flow Scenarios: The AJC Customer Flow Scenarios have been highly successful as a resource for AJC customers and as a staff training tool. To expand their usefulness to a broader customer base, a Spanish translation is now available for the five scenarios above.