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February 2018 Newsletter

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Happy February!

Roses are red, our banners are blue, WorkforceGPS is here for you!

And this month (in keeping with today’s holiday), we've got all the feels for our WorkforceGPS community; we heart you. Though you may have love letters and chocolate on the brain, we want to take just a few minutes to remind you what else we celebrate in February, as well highlight some resources that may be of interest if state plans or Customer Centered Design make your heart beat faster.

February: African American History Month

Each February, our nation celebrates African American History Month and the contributions made by these Americans—as activists, educators, and leaders. We especially honor the efforts of these individuals as it relates to access to and success in the workplace for all Americans.

More information on African American History Month can be accessed here, and these resources may also be of interest:

WIOA State Planning Resources

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) published Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 6-17 on January 24, 2018, which provides guidance on the two-year modification requirements, submission process, and deadline for submitting the two-year modifications for the WIOA Unified and Combined State Plans for Program Years 2018 and 2019. Modifications are due by March 15, 2018.

ETA maintains a “State Planning Resources” webpage which provides a direct link for the public workforce system to the TEGL as well as to the Information Collection Request (ICR) which sets forth the required elements. This page also provides a direct link to the currently approved WIOA Strategic Plans. WorkforceGPS also has a number of technical assistance resources on that could be helpful as states modify their WIOA State Plans. Below are links to a few of these resources:

    Community of Practice Spotlight: CCD

    This month, the WorkforceGPS Team would like to re-introduce you to the Customer Centered Design (CCD) Community of Practice (CoP)—one of our newest communities. CCD is an online community designed to provide workforce development professionals with a central place to learn more about customer centered design principles and examples of CCD in action. Since 2015, ETA has adopted and promoted CCD as a methodology for innovation and successful service delivery in the workforce system. In support of this initiative, the CCD CoP offers access to relevant resources, enables information sharing about CCD practices, and provides a platform to engage in discussions with other CCD practitioners or those interested in the subject.

    If you haven’t visited this COP yet, click here.

    And if you’re feeling the love for WorkforceGPS this month, tell us or share it—your colleagues can register for a free account and start navigating to success today.

    Stay kind!

    Featured Content

    • WIOA Desk Reference: Serving Youth in an Integrated American Job Center Network: There are a number of one-stop partner programs that may be appropriate for youth depending upon an individual’s needs and whether or not they meet eligibility criteria for specific programs. Individuals who meet the respective program eligibility requirements may be co-enrolled into multiple one-stop partner programs.
    • WIOA MythBusters: If you have a myth that needs clarification – please send it to As myths about WIOA continue to bubble up from the workforce system, we continue to work to provide facts to dispel them. Click on the link below to check out the second series of MythBusters featuring 8 new topics.
    • Connect the Pieces - Dual Customer Focus: These resources are designed to help connect three key pieces together -- the American Job Center, the employer and individuals with disabilities. They should always interconnect because the American Job Center has a dual customer focus to serve both employers and individuals, including people with disabilities. This supports the WIOA vision to make the American Job Center a seamless customer-focused service delivery model for all its customers.

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