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WorkforceGPS Newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter

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Happy March!

And here’s to the women as we celebrate Women’s History Month. Also for you in this issue: a webinar series and this month’s featured Community of Practice (CoP).

March: Women’s History Month

Each March, the United States observes Women’s History Month, which is dedicated to the contributions that women have made to this nation over the years.

Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of Labor R. Alexander Acosta said the following:

Women’s History Month provides an opportunity for Americans to learn more about pioneering women who have shaped our nation—from trailblazers to quiet heroes. Through the hard work of previous generations of women, American women today are leaders in all aspects of our national life. As we honor the legacy of women in American history, we continue our efforts to ensure that American women have access to good, family-sustaining jobs.

If you’re jonesing to join the celebration this month, we encourage you to consider checking out the resources below:

Innovations Leading to Career Success Webinar Series

This webinar series showcases strategies and resources of broad interest to community colleges and others engaged in career-focused education and training. Register now for upcoming webinars (one happens today, March 14, and four others will follow) on career pathways, developmental education using competency-based education, affordable learning solutions, sustaining innovation, and apprenticeship.

Community of Practice Spotlight: YouthBuild

This month, the WorkforceGPS Team would like to introduce you to the YouthBuild CoP—an electronic space where grantees can share and review documents, exchange ideas with their peers nationwide, read and comment on blogs, and much more. This online environment fosters continued collaboration and problem solving before and after trainings, conferences, and webinars; grantees can support each other in implementing successful programs, sharing tools, and fostering partnerships.

YouthBuild programs give at-risk youth ages 16-24 the opportunity to transform their lives by earning their high school diploma or state-recognized equivalency degree, learning to be community leaders, and preparing for college and other post-secondary training opportunities. These programs provide occupational skills training in construction and other in-demand industries and include a focus on increasing the supply of low-income housing in their local communities. By providing low-income young people with both education and occupational skills training leading to industry-recognized, as well as the opportunity for community, YouthBuild programs can help disenfranchised youth to become successful adults. YouthBuild also presents a unique pathway to pursue an apprenticeship; for more on this partnership, check out YouthBuild’s blog.

To visit this CoP, click here.

That’s all for this month, folks, but stay tuned as WorkforceGPS prepares to turn two next month.


Stay Kind!




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