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WorkforceGPS Newsletter

April 2018 Newsletter

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Happy April -- and Happy Birthday to WorkforceGPS!

WorkforceGPS' second birthday is upon us, and in this month's newsletter, we talk a bit about the changes we have made to the site over the last year with you in mind. We also want to introduce you to one of our Communities of Practice (CoPs).

WorkforceGPS Turns 2:

During WorkforceGPS’ first year, the team focused largely on improving the functionality of the website and adding new features -- (remember Chat?). Over the last 12 months, we have continued to make sure things are in tip-top shape technically speaking, but we have also shifted our focus to ensuring easy access and consumption of WorkforceGPS resources—

Our webinars now come complete with Executive Summaries (check out the first link under Related Content) to make it easier to find what you want to know. We also started publishing new Innovations in Action and will be putting out more on a regular basis. Innovations in Action are brief summaries of promising practices from across the public workforce system; they represent timely, real-world examples of practitioners finding creative solutions to the challenges they face in helping to improve work opportunities for Americans. In addition, we have also added eight new communities and collections to the 24 that debuted with the launch of WorkforceGPS in 2016. 

Looking ahead, we will be continuing to implement new features that enhance your user experience, including: improving Search (both the interface and functionality); a redesign of the Resource Library; and a refresh of the layout and general aesthetics.

Here’s to WorkforceGPS’ third year—60,000+ members and our 32 curated communities!

Community of Practice Spotlight: Business Engagement Collaborative

This month, the WorkforceGPS Team would like to introduce you to the Business Engagement Collaborative Community of Practice (CoP).

The Business Engagement Collaborative is a community that shares a commitment to providing economically valuable solutions for businesses across the business life cycle. This community exists to share ideas, experiences, resources, outcomes, and it promotes innovations to business engagement strategies, tactics, partnerships, and measurements. The Business Engagement Collaborative focuses on Rapid Response, layoff aversion, and sector strategies, but it is applicable to anyone who is interested in elevating business engagement to a prominent place in your state, region, or community. 

We invite you to visit the Business Engagement Collaborative here.

To subscribe to the Business Engagement Collaborative, check the box for “Business Engagement Collaborative” on your Memberships and Notifications page.  

That’s all for April, but stay tuned to your inbox and WorkforceGPS in general. We think you are going to like where we are headed, and we always welcome your feedback—you can always click on the blue banner at the top of every page and tell us how we’re doing.

Stay engaged!




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