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WorkforceGPS Newsletter

July 2018 Newsletter

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Happy July!

July is here, and, for many workforce programs, it is the start of the new program year for formula grants.  It is also the time of year when there are several competitive grant opportunities that have just been announced or will soon be announced. 

Whether you have a formula grant, are considering applying for an upcoming grant competition, or are one of the lucky few to land a competitive grant, WorkforceGPS has numerous resources available to assist you in managing and sustaining grants once you get one.

WorkforceGPS hosts specific communities for individual competitive grants, which provide grantees with a place to interact with grant peers and access the latest program technical assistance and resources designed to support a specific grant program.  In addition to that, we have numerous resources on the Grants Application and Management Community, which is our featured Community this month.  And once you become a grant expert, you can learn all about the emerging trend for quality credentialing and licensure programs with resources listed under this month’s Featured Content section of the newsletter.

WorkforceGPS Spotlight: Grants Application and Management Community

The Grants Application and Management Community is your one-stop source for tools, training, and resources to ensure effective management of your Employment and Training Administration grant.  It provides the tools and information you need to successfully manage your grant and provides grants management resources and information at your fingertips.  Some of the most popular resources in this Community include:

We hope you will find these resources useful as you launch your grant program.

To visit this community, click here.


That's all for July.

Stay hydrated!




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