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July 2019

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Happy Summer!

This month we are highlighting resources and services that assist two groups of individualsadult ex-offenders and youth with disabilitiesthat can succeed in the world of work with assistance and support.

We are also pleased to announce a new communitythe Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers.  On this site, you will find resources related to the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers (TAA) Program, including access to past and upcoming technical assistance offerings, and promising practices from your peers.

Reentry for Adults Resources

Finding employment with a criminal record is not easy.  For justice involved youth and adults, the employment landscape includes background checks, that can be overshadowed by probation or parole, housing concerns, limited or inadequate education and job skills, and mental health issues.  However, there are programs and initiatives out there through the public workforce system and our partners to assist with the process Workforce GPS’s Reentry Employment Opportunities offers practitioners new ideas and tools to do the invaluable work of changing lives and renewing futures of former offenders.  In addition, to this site, we have gathered a list of resources, webinars and organizations that focus on providing assistance to adults re-entering the workforce.

Youth with Disabilities

Summer is a great season for youth and young adults to learn new skills outside of the classroom.  For youth with disabilities and their families, transitioning into adulthood requires more careful planning.   These resource links support workforce professionals and others to help ensure that youth with disabilities and their families have access to services that can facilitate a seamless transition during the formative years of development.


Featured Content

  • Soft Skills and Disability Employment: Soft skills refer to a broad set of skills, competencies, behaviors, attitudes, and personal qualities that enable people to effectively navigate their environment, work well with others, and achieve goals. While soft skills is an important ingredient for success for everyone in the labor force, the list below primarily highlights specialized research and resources focused on the disability population.
  • WIOA Youth Retention & Recruitment Resources: Many young people being served by WIOA Youth Programs have various challenges preventing them from their full participation. Developing strategies is key to enrolling young people and keeping them engaged and retained is critical to their success.
  • The Labor Market Information System - Disseminating Data You Need for Planning and Decision-Making: The intent of America's labor market information system (ALMIS) is to disseminate information that aids decision-makers and promotes labor market-relevant, data-driven planning activities. Labor market data-driven outcomes improve jobseeker employment prospects, inform worker career development, broaden business' access to a skilled labor pool, and help communities increase economic prosperity.
  • One-Stops and American Job Centers - Other Key TA Resources: The One-Stops and American Job Centers - Other Key TA Resources page provides a collection of key resources, technical assistance tools, and promising practices for operationalizing the one-stop delivery system under Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).
  • Credential Attainment E-Learning Module: The WIOA Performance - Credential Attainment e-Learning module explains Credentials and recognized equivalents, shows how the indicator is calculated, and provides examples to help understand if an individual attaining a specific credential should be included in the indicator. Self-directed contents include indicator definition and description, calculations, scenarios, and additional resources. Simply click "Credential Attainment e-learning module" under "Related Resources" to get started.

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