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March 2021

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Happy March!

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Women’s History Month

Women's history monthMarch is Women’s History Month and for us in the U.S. Department of Labor, we take the opportunity to remember and to honor France Perkins.  She served as the U.S. Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945, the longest serving in that position, and the first woman appointed to the U.S. Cabinet.  During her term as Secretary of Labor, Ms. Perkins was responsible for establishing the unemployment insurance system, along with the first minimum wage and overtime laws for American workers.

Also this month, we want to draw your attention to the critical work of the Workforce Development Boards (WDBs).  This past year has shown how these boards and the staff of the publicly-funded workforce system can adapt quickly to unforeseen situations and our hats are off to them for the guidance and oversight that they have provided to the system.

Local Workforce Boards Adapt to Changing Youth and Homeless Employment Realities

LWDBS-Men workingAs the American economy moves forward, local workforce development boards (LWDBs) continue to address evolving customer needs. Evidence from these three Workforce Innovation Fund (WIF) evaluations found in the Workforce System Strategies community can help LWDBs improve services in these ever-changing times.  Evaluations from the WIF projects document descriptive, outcome, and impact findings of specialized programs created to assist youth, homeless, and other at-risk participants to gain skills, employment, and improve wages in three West Coast states.

The Inaugural Issue of the Quarterly Research and Evaluation Notes is Here!

evaluationLooking for innovative approaches and technical assistance to support your workforce program research and evaluation efforts?  The Employment and Training Administration’s Division of Research and Evaluation announces the Research and Evaluation Notes (R&E Notes)!  The R&E Notes resource is a curated, two-page collection of recent evaluation reports as select reading, evidence in action, research in living color, new events, and learning opportunities.  Posted on the Evaluation and Research Hub community of practice, the R&E Notes publication highlights evidence-based employment and training interventions, current research, and evaluation resources relevant to current workforce system priorities in each quarterly edition.




February 24, 2021

State Roadmap for Workforce Recovery


February 08, 2021

Building Sustainable Apprenticeships: The Case of Apprenticeship 2000


March 22, 2021

Sector Strategies Resources


April 27, 2022

RESEA Evaluation and Evidence Resources


February 12, 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Other Disability Focused Federal Resources


March 08, 2022

Pay for Performance Resources


February 02, 2021

Mobility Pathways




March 04, 2021

Using CareerOneStop for a Successful ReEntry Transition In & Out of Correctional Facilities


March 16, 2021

Work-Based Learning State Best Practices

2021 NAWDP

May 17, 2021

2021 NAWDP Annual Conference



February 24, 2021

Adapting Sector Training Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons from America's Promise

February 24, 2021

Recovery Webinar: Using Short Time Compensation, Rapid Response & Set Aside Funds to Avoid Layoffs

February 23, 2021

SMART Approach to 2020/2021 Uniform Guidance Revisions

February 23, 2021

Best Practices: Data Validation of Required Performance Data for WIOA Title I and III Grantees

February 23, 2021

Who's at Your Table? Building Sustainable Apprenticeship Programs by Expanding Partnership Reach

February 22, 2021

H-1B One Workforce Grantee Orientation

February 22, 2021

Lessons Learned from COVID-19: Adopting and Adapting a People-Centered Hybrid Programming Framework

February 18, 2021

Using CareerOneStop to Provide Virtual Services to Develop New Skills and Knowledge

February 11, 2021

Using CareerOneStop to Provide Virtual Services to Change Occupations or Industries

February 10, 2021

FY 2021 RESEA Grants: Funding Allotment, Operating Guidance, and State Plan Requirements

February 09, 2021

State Apprenticeship Grants - Performance Accountability and Reporting

February 04, 2021

Using CareerOneStop to Provide Virtual Job Search Services to Help New College Graduates

February 03, 2021

Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grants (YARG) - YARG Performance Accountability and Reporting


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