The Special Populations – Adult and Dislocated Worker Populations page provides a collection of key resources, technical assistance tools, and best practices for serving different target populations under WIOA.

If you are looking for resources, technical assistance tools, and best practices for serving special populations with the Adult and Dislocated Worker programs under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) this is the page for you.  Additionally, this page houses resources that may be of use to workforce practitioners serving targeted populations under the Wagner-Peyser Act Employment Service.

Key Resources: 

  • TEGL 19-16 This guidance letter provides programmatic guidance for the WIOA title I Adult, title I Dislocated Worker, and title III Wagner Peyser Act Employment Service programs. 
  • WIOA Desk Reference- Priority Populations: This desk reference is for state and local boards and staff and provides information on serving priority populations using WIOA Adult funds, inc luding recipients of public assistance, low-income individuals, individuals who are basic skills deficient, and veterans. 
  • Veterans Priority: This Desk Reference provides information on services available to Dislocated Workers under WIOA.
  • WIOA Veterans Fact Sheet: This desk reference provides information on serving veterans and their spouses, including implementing priority of service for veterans, serving separating service members and military spouses with the Dislocated Worker program, and using National Dislocated Worker Grants for dislocated service members. 
  • Military Spouse Desk Reference: This is a desk reference provides information on serving military spouses under WIOA, including information on who is eligible, what services are available, and additional resources.  
  • WIOA DWG Fact Sheet: This desk reference provides information on Dislocated Worker Grants under WIOA, including eligible applicants, target populations, allowable services, qualifying events, and additional resources. 
  • USICH Strategic Plan: The United Interagency Council on Homelessness has released the new strategic plan for reducing homelessness in the United States.