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February 2022

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February Focus: Sector Strategies

Sector strategies - regional, industry-focused approaches to building skilled workforces - are one of the most effective ways to align public and private resources to address the talent needs of employers. Sector strategies have a dual purpose: they help improve employment opportunities for job seekers while at the same time improve competitiveness of industries. Throughout the month of February, we will feature resources and examples of successful sector approaches.

Last year, the U.S. Department of Labor YouthBuild Office released a Sector Strategy How-to Guide, which aims to support YouthBuild grantees with using a sector strategy approach for career pathway development. A few years ago, the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) produced a framework for how workforce organizations can implement strong sector approaches. The resources aligned with this framework are still useful and new resources have been developed since then and these resources and studies will be highlighted in the coming weeks on WorkforceGPS.

Access and Equity in the Workforce Development System

HandsThe LEAD Center released a brief on Increasing Access and Equity Within the Workforce Development System. This brief examines promising employment practices, strategies and resources for workforce staff and their partners to support all people with disabilities, including those from historically marginalized communities.

Adapting to Change: COVID-19 and the Economic Recovery

Business-computer-newsletterWhile the COVID-19 pandemic and the related economic downturn brought challenges to the workforce system, these events acted as catalysts for changes in service delivery strategies used to support recovery and ensure equitable opportunities for all. Find out more about the impact of the pandemic, the vision for an equitable recovery, and current strategies used by the workforce system to help workers enter or re-enter the workforce in these resources on Workforce System Strategies.

New Feature: Saving WorkforceGPS Content

Save_Button NewsletterWorkforceGPS has implemented a way for you to save content so that you may easily access it any time. Once you have found a piece of content that you would like to save, on the left side of the page beneath the content image, you will see four options. You can like the content, share the content, print the content, and save the content. If at any point the content is no longer relevant to you, you can always remove the content by clicking the “remove” button to the right of the content title. A very brief video describing this new feature is available on the WorkforceGPS help page, along with several other support tutorials on how to maximize all of the features of WorkforceGPS. If you experience any issues, you may also contact support at: support@workforcegps.org.




January 07, 2022

Compendium of Innovative Practices: Adult Ed Bridge and IET Programs


October 25, 2021

COVID 19 Rapid Response Report from the Field


January 04, 2022

Policy Councils: Building a Culture of Leadership


January 07, 2022

National Health Emergency (NHE) Grants: Case Studies


March 09, 2022

Suddenly Virtual: Workforce Services, Eight Weeks Later


January 20, 2021

SWFI Bright Ideas: Adjusting Operations in a Public Health Emergency



skill summit

February 15, 2022

National Skills Coalition's Skills Summit 2022!


February 15, 2022

Career Assessment Toolkit

NAWB Forum

April 11, 2022

The Forum - Sponsored by NAWB



February 01, 2022

TAA/DW Co-Enrollment: It's the Law and It's Doable - Part 2

January 20, 2022

Technical Assistance to Meet Equity Goals in WIOA Youth Programs

January 12, 2022

Developing Workforce System Connections

January 10, 2022

Sustainability Strategies: Leaving a Scaling Apprenticeship (SA) Program Legacy

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