This month, the WorkforceGPS Team would like to re-introduce you to the Customer Centered Design (CCD) Community of Practice—our newest Community of Practice (CoP).

The CCD CoP site is an online community designed to provide workforce development professionals with a central place to learn more about customer centered design principles and examples of CCD in action. Since 2015, the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration has adopted and promoted CCD as a methodology for innovation and successful service delivery in the workforce system.  In support of this initiative, the CCD CoP offers access to relevant resources, enables information sharing about CCD practices, and provides a platform to engage in discussions with other CCD practitioners or those interested in the subject.

To visit this CoP, click here.

To subscribe to the CCD Community of Practice, check the boxes for “Customer Centered Design” on your Memberships and Notifications page. You will receive email alerts when there is a new CCD posting.