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    Posted On: 2/5/2018

    Each February, our nation celebrates African American History Month and their contributions—as activists, educators, and leaders. We especially honor and recognize the efforts of these individuals as it relates to access to and success in the workplace for all Americans.

  • CCD Announcement
    Posted On: 1/26/2018

    This month, the WorkforceGPS Team would like to re-introduce you to the Customer Centered Design (CCD) Community of Practice—our newest Community of Practice (CoP).

  • CCD COP-Announce
    Posted On: 1/11/2018

    The WorkforceGPS Team is proud to announce that a new Community of Practice (CoP) focused on Customer Centered Design (CCD) is now available.

  • America's Promise
    Posted On: 1/2/2018

    WorkforceGPS is proud to announce that a new Community of Practice (CoP), specifically for H-1B America’s Promise grantees, is now available.

  • SWFI Announce
    Posted On: 12/6/2017

    This month, the WorkforceGPS Team would like to introduce you to H-1B Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI) Community of Practice.

  • CoP Spotlight Apprenticeship
    Posted On: 11/20/2017

    Last week, NationalApprenticeship Week celebrated apprenticeship as a proven talent development strategy helping to close the skills gap in the U.S.  As interest in apprenticeship continues to build, the WorkforceGPS Team wants to make sure you know that the ApprenticeshipUSA Community of Practice (CoP) is available to help you turn interest into new apprenticeship opportunities.

  • PR Resource Image
    Posted On: 11/15/2017

    WorkforceGPS is proud to announce the release of its latest collection, Performance Reporting. This is a centralized collection of information for Performance Reporting-related policies and resources for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration’s (ETA) employment and training programs.

  • NAW logo
    Posted On: 11/8/2017

    Mark your calendars! Next week— November 13 - 19, 2017—is the third annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW).

  • Announcement
    Posted On: 10/26/2017

    Last spring, in March of 2017, the Innovation and Opportunity Network (ION) hosted a WIOA Wednesday on universal design and taking a customer-centered approach in the American Job Center. Although you can always access the event’s recording, the WorkforceGPS Team understands you might not have an hour to dedicate to watching it. That’s why we have created an abridged version that’s less than three minutes long, as well as an executive summary of the full event.

  • vets priority announcement
    Posted On: 10/24/2017

    This month, the WorkforceGPS Team would like to introduce you to Veterans’ Priority,  a  centralized collection of information for Veterans’ programs, policies, and initiatives which primarily effect the Wagner-Peyser and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) employment and training programs.