Wednesday, September 17, 2008 2:30 PM ~ 4:00 PM ET

A detailed overview of the OnTheMap Version 3 application will be provided, and the session will introduce the redesigned interface to both new and experienced users. Participants will be shown how to:


  • Perform Area Profile and Shed Analyses for work and home areas in both local and regional geographies;
  • Search for and select an area of interest, as well as navigate the map viewer through panning and zooming;
  • Produce and export reports and map overlays, including points, thermals, and time-series animation over the five available years of data; and
  • Sample OnTheMap analysis techniques, including highly specialized analyses that can be performed using OnTheMap microdata available by download from the Cornell Virtual Research Data Center.

Participants will be afforded the opportunity to participate in the Question and Answer portion of this exciting Webinar.

Please note: It is recommended that participants new to the Local Employment Dynamics program and the OnTheMap tool should view the following recorded Webinars on Workforce3 One as a pre-requite for this Webinar.