Thursday, November 20, 2014 2:00 PM ~ 3:30 PM ET

President Barack Obama has made it clear: Registered Apprenticeship should be a key component in our efforts to prepare a highly-skilled workforce. Registered Apprenticeship is workforce training that combines on-the-job learning experiences with classroom instruction to increase a worker’s skills and earnings. Apprenticeship offers the public workforce system an effective strategy for meeting the needs of business and promoting career advancement for participants.


To help promote these partnerships in support of the President’s goal of doubling the number of registered apprentices over the next five years, these webinars will feature state and local speakers with successful partnerships, provide a chance to ask questions about apprenticeship, and share resources and action steps to help get you started on partnering with apprenticeship. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act has opened up new opportunities for connections between Registered Apprenticeship and the public workforce system to work together in training a new generation of workers ready to meet the demands of today's industry and employers.

Please join us for a two-part webinar series focused on opportunities for the public workforce system and Registered Apprenticeship to partner in training U.S. workers for successful careers.Part 1, on November 6, will provide an overview of the opportunities available for successful collaborations among the two systems to help prepare U.S. workers for successful careers. This session will highlight the Detroit Registered Apprentice Program (DRAP) and the innovative partnerships being used to promote and implement training through apprenticeship opportunities that meet Detroit-area industry and employer needs.Part 2,on November 20,will help us further examine successful partnership models and provide program examples to highlight current successful partnership and implementation strategies in use among the public workforce system & Registered Apprenticeship


John Ladd, Administrator, Office of Apprenticeship, Employment and Training Administration

Rose Lucenti, Workforce Development Director, Vermont Department of Labor

Gerry Ghazi, President, Vermont HITEC, Inc.