Monday, May 21, 2007 2:30 PM ~ 4:00 PM ET

The WIRED conceptual framework offers a strategic planning solution that will greatly enhance and complement the current approach to National Emergency Grants (NEGs).


ETA believes that a well developed regional strategy that actively engages all the key players and leverages their collective assets and resources to devise innovative strategies that focus on infrastructure, investments, and talent development, instead of a narrow focus on temporary services and infrastructure expansion, will facilitate a quality, timely, and effective system-side response to unanticipated economic events. To that end, limited NEG funds are being made available for Regional Innovation Grants to assist state workforce agencies and WIBs in the development of a comprehensive, integrated, strategic regional plan, based on the WIRED conceptual framework with a focus on addressing present and future significant economic dislocation events. Join this session to learn the nuts and bolts of applying for RIGs and how strategic planning can help your community respond to economic shock.

The City of Newton, Iowa received the first Regional Innovation Grant of $250,000 to assist the City and their key partners, in the design and development of a comprehensive and strategic regional plan that focuses on talent development as a way to transform their regional economy. Learn how Newton's leaders have been proactive in utilizing an innovative economic development approach to helping workers affected by the closure of Whirlpool

Full publication title: Regional Innovation Grants: Utilizing National Emergency Grant Funds for Strategic and Transformative Regional Planning


Employment and Training Administration (ETA):

Mindy Feldbaum, Program Manager, Division of Worker Dislocation and Special Response, Office of National Response

Nancy Williams, Team Lead, Division of Worker Dislocation and Special Response, Office of National Response

Leaders from Newton, Iowa:

Kimberly Didier, Executive Director, Newton Development CorporationDana Woody, Newton Transformational Council