Thursday, June 01, 2017 2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM ET

Please join us for the third in a series of interactive peer learning events for State Apprenticeship Expansion (SAE) grantees. This webinar will feature an overview of marketing strategies for Registered Apprenticeship, and highlight how States have been refining their marketing approaches to tell their apprenticeship stories.


This webinar will provide grantees with the opportunity to hear how other grantees are using their SAE grants to help them expand traditional and non-traditional marketing tools. Grantees will also learn guiding principles of marketing Registered Apprenticeship to businesses and be encouraged to think about their own marketing and outreach strategies.

Peers from across the country will discuss how states are:

  • Using a range of marketing approaches (from video to print materials to social media and more) to appeal to target populations and new industries.
  • Creating dynamic Registered Apprenticeship websites.
  • Holding statewide and regional summits, focus groups, and roundtables to engage businesses and key partners.
  • Communicating Registered Apprenticeship in terms businesses can understand.  


Chad Aleshire, Program Analyst and Team Lead, Office of Apprenticeship, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

Christina Herzog, Senior Project Manager, Maher & Maher


Christopher MacLarion, Director, Apprenticeship and Training, Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation   

Gerald P. Ghazi J.D., Federal/State Apprenticeship Consultant

Rachel McAloon, Apprenticeship Outreach & Education Specialist, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries