Monday, July 31, 2017 2:30 PM ~ 3:30 PM ET

Please join us for the H-1B Ready to Work (RTW) Long Term Unemployment (LTU) Subject Matter Expert (SME) Series Getting Them to Come Back: Strategies for Retaining LTU Participants. Workforce development consultant Dan Salemson will discuss proven free and low-cost retention strategies programs can implement to boost participant adherence and completion, and reconnect participants who have dropped off.


This webinar will draw on principles from behavioral economics and motivational interviewing to explore ways your program can influence participant decision making about whether to stay or go.  We will focus on unleashing the potential of competition, peer pressure, public recognition and staff-participant mentor relationships to foster adherence and participation.  Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Linking incentives and rewards to performance to increase retention
  • The ASAP3 (“ASAP cubed”) model to maximize the impact of recognition
  • Building the Retention Toolbox: sources of free and low-cost incentives
  • Clarifying an individual’s career goal to ensure that the training in which they are enrolled in are in line with their career pathway;
  • Identifying intrinsic motivation strategies to encourage participants to continue training in order to achieve their career goals.
  • Micro interventions that sustain motivation and connection over the long term
  • Strategies to maintain post-program connections, including and beyond alumni groups
  • Tools to reconnect participants after drop off    

Dan Salemson is a workforce development expert with over 15 years of experience in managing workforce development programs, and providing staff training to thousands of workforce practitioners from over 300 workforce organizations and government entities worldwide.

Save the Date! Following this Webinar event, we’ll have a group roundtable discussion to further explore this topic.  The Roundtable Discussion/Q&A will be held on August 1st at 2:30pm EST to provide grantees the opportunity to further discuss the topic presented in the webinar with Dan Salemson. An official invite and dial-in information for this webinar follow-up will be sent out to grantees separate from this Webinar invite.

Who should attend: This webinar is targeted for program directors, managers, service providers, case managers, career coaches and other staff that is responsible for providing intensive services to their RTW grant program participants.


Ayreen Cadwallader, Workforce Analyst, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration


Dan Salemson, Workforce Development Consultant

Angel Harlins,  Performance Excellence Partners, H-1B Ready to Work Technical Assistance Project Lead