Saturday, March 24, 2018 to Tuesday, March 27, 2018| 7:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM ET

Hosted by the National Association of Workforce Boards in our nation's capital, the Forum is a national conversation around our shared responsibility to meet the needs of businesses, career seekers, and local economies and drive America’s ability to compete in the global market.



The Forum 2018 convenes leaders, advocates, and change makers in business, government, labor, and education to:

  1. Network and share insights;
  2. Address key issues affecting U.S. workforce development;
  3. Consider the goals and policy framework affecting the future of human capital and economic growth.

The Forum is a place where many organizations and their diverse constituencies come together to create a supported and united response to the collective mission of workforce development. How do we, as change makers in our organizations, communities, and regional economies, fuel the talent at the heart of our nation’s workforce and forge changes that drive economic sustainability? 


Featured Speaker

Jennifer Brown, CEO and Founder, Jennifer Brown Consulting

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