Tuesday, March 30, 2021 2:00 PM ~ 3:30 PM ET

Global consulting services giant EY states that “with the COVID-19 pandemic causing unprecedented disruptions, many companies have been compelled to respond with new ways of working and doing business . . . Suffice to say that no industries will be left unscathed, but the extent of impact will vary, with some likely to fare better than others…industries [are expected] to emerge from the crisis in one of these four states: strong, transformed, reshaped or uncertain.”



What did your program’s Construction Plus (C+) industry pathway look like before COVID-19?  What will it look like going forward?  Why do such major shifts in industry matter as YouthBuild programs build career pathways for their participants?  In this webinar, presenters will introduce sector strategy, its importance to creating successful career pathways, and how to use this strategy to map career pathways for participants and partners.  A peer presenter will also present the step-by-step details of how their program built their C+ pathways by integrating a comprehensive sector strategy that they have continued to adapt and grow from pre-COVID, during the pandemic, and into a post-COVID future.

Grantees will leave the webinar with an introductory sector strategy mapping tool and approach that they can utilize in developing their programs’ career pathways with strong connections to industry trends and expectations during COVID and into a post-COVID future.


Jenn Smith, YouthBuild Director, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration



Mary McRae, Senior Manager of DOL Coaching, YouthBuild USA

Phoebe Reeves, Associate Director of Technical Assistance, YouthBuild USA

Peer Presenter: 

Jennifer Lawrence, Executive Director, SEAT Center (Social Enterprise and Training Center), Schenectady, NY