Tuesday, April 27, 2021 2:00 PM ~ 3:30 PM ET

Determining a career pathway is a rite of passage for every young adult.  From the outside, a profession may entice (e.g., healthcare workers save lives) or intimidate (e.g., medicine involves lots of math and science) a young person as they consider future work in high-demand industries. 



Young people may not realize the more monotonous or grueling aspects of a chosen career track or they may not understand some of the finer points of the day-to-day job.  To continue the healthcare example, the work may require long hours and heavy lifting of patients, as well as providing an increased risk of exposure to infectious diseases.  Additionally, as an employee moves up the career ladder, the day-to-day work may shift from less direct exposure to patient care and more exposure to administrative paperwork and personnel issues.

YouthBuild programs and partners should examine their core strategy and purpose for attracting young people to enter jobs in a particular industry.  In order to ensure effective training and retention in employment, participants need to have a true understanding of what the work involves.  Work experiences provide the opportunity to YouthBuild participants to sample work in their career fields of interest, while also gauging their aptitude and engagement with the work.  This can support better placement outcomes for both employers and employees by reducing misunderstandings or “romanticized” views of a chosen profession.

This webinar will:

  • Introduce grantees to what a DOL YouthBuild professional work experience is and how it differs from hands-on training;
  • Engage participants to think more strategically about developing relevant work experiences both during the pandemic and once restrictions are lifted;
  • Provide the steps for building a meaningful professional work experience; and
  • Share peer practices.

Grantees will leave the webinar with an adaptable work experience planning, implementation, and assessment checklist.


Toni Wilson, YouthBuild National Liaison, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration



Phoebe Reeves, Associate Director, Technical Assistance, YouthBuild USA

Soni Waterman, DOL YouthBuild Technical Assistance Coach

Lisa Newman, Director, YouthBuild Helena

Jeffrey Higgs, Executive Director, YouthBuild Memphis

Malcolm Wallace, Director, YouthBuild Memphis