Wednesday, September 08, 2021 11:30 AM ~ 12:00 PM ET

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The current public health crisis and resulting economic crisis have devastated the health and economic wellbeing of millions of Americans. From big cities to small towns, Americans, particularly people of color, immigrants, and low-wage workers, are facing a deep economic crisis. This recording offers information on the Child Tax Credit (CTC) to American Job Center practitioners or workforce specialists.  Watch the recording to discover how families facing this crisis can receive financial relief now through CTC payments throughout 2021, and the remainder of this significant benefit when they file their 2021 tax returns. The recording explains who immediately qualifies and how to determine eligibility along with information if someone chooses to opt out of the benefit. This recording aids those who are not tax professionals gain the facts about the program to deepen their knowledge in a way to pass along to others. 

Below are some helpful resources:

  1. – a one-stop-shop for information about the CTC, including information about how non-filers can sign up for payments.
  2. The Code for America CTC Non-filer Sign-up Tool (website – English and Spanish). This is where people sign up to for the Child Tax Credit.
  3. The Code for America CTC Non-filer Sign-up Tool Help Guide (PDF - English). This guide is meant for navigators and assisters. It outlines what's going on at each step, so that they know how to respond to common questions and can understand what will happen if people go down a rare corner of the flow. Navigators can also access a navigator resource website (in English and Spanish).
  4. The Code for America GetCTC demo (Video – English). This video is a quick tour of how to use GetCTC, the simplified tax filing portal.
  5. CTC presentation (PDF - English). This presentation includes what we covered in today’s session and can be used when you’re talking about CTC in your communities and organizations.
  6. Help is Here – CTC flyer (PDF - English and Spanish). This flyer gives a high-level overview of CTC and is meant to be hung in visible places where the community frequents or gathers to raise CTC awareness.
  7. Outreach email template (Word - English). An editable template you can use to send to members of your organization or community to build CTC awareness.