Tuesday, November 16, 2021 1:00 PM ~ 2:00 PM ET

Are you engaged in systems change efforts like improving technology-enabled learning, strengthening credit transfers or credit for prior learning, designing internships or custom training, and partnering with the public workforce system?  Join speaker Hannah Betesh, co- author of the brief Context, Infrastructure, and Alignment Matter: Statewide Systems Change in Round 4 of TAACCCT to learn how community colleges used these and other curriculum redesign approaches to build sustainable change.


This briefing highlights findings from research of 25 Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grantees from Round 4. Two of the key findings relate to 1) prioritizing alignment of career pathways frameworks with the needs and priorities of local employers and policymakers, and 2) building on existing infrastructure to aid systemic career pathway changes.

This brief focuses on systems changes implemented by 25 of the Round 4 “statewide consortia” who were grantees with at least two colleges in any state. The consortia tried to implement systems change (a major focus of Round 4 grants) through curriculum redesign to create career pathways. Two of the key findings include: 1) prioritizing alignment of their career pathways framework with the needs and priorities of local employers and policymakers appeared to enable consortia to be thoughtful about the framework’s design and 2) existing infrastructure, including prior rounds of TAACCCT funding, appeared to aid systemic changes related to career pathways frameworks. Systems change efforts included improving technology-enabled learning; allowing students to transfer credits and awarding credits for prior learning; designing internships, apprenticeships, and customizable training opportunities for employers; and partnering with the public workforce system, as required under WIOA.

The seven-year TAACCCT program awarded nearly $2 billion to more than 700 community colleges to increase the ability of community colleges to address workforce needs. In February 2021, the Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grant launched, drawing from TAACCCT’s key priorities and findings. The Department of Labor’s Chief Evaluation Office and Employment and Training Administration are hosting a three-part roundtable series focused on sharing lessons learned from TAACCCT with current community college grantees and the wider workforce development community. Each session will feature expert speakers with time for audience Q&A.



Cheryl Martin, Program Manager, Competitive Grants, Division of Strategic Investments, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration




Hannah Betesh, Senior Associate, Social and Economic Policy, Abt Associates

Julie Parks, Executive Director of Workforce Training Grand Rapids Community College