Thursday, November 18, 2021 11:30 AM ~ 12:30 PM ET

Why do employers partner with community colleges? Join Lauren Eyster, evaluator and co-author of the brief  Employer Perspectives on Building Partnerships with Community Colleges: Insights for Local Leaders and Practitioners who will share findings from TAACCCT grantees on deepening levels of employer engagement and what employers did (and did not) appreciate in different partnership strategies with community colleges.


This briefing, using interviews with more than 40 employers, reveals three key reasons employers partner with community colleges: 1) to address hiring needs, such as mid-high level skill training (reduction in cost/time for the employer), 2) to replace an aging workforce, and 3) to access quality facilities and unique (customizable, employer-specific) programs.  Learn more about what types of employer engagement strategies were used to bring the partnership to fruition.

The seven-year TAACCCT program awarded nearly $2 billion to more than 700 community colleges to increase the ability of community colleges to address workforce needs.   In February 2021, the Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grant launched, drawing from TAACCCT’s key priorities and findings. The Department of Labor’s Chief Evaluation Office and Employment and Training Administration are hosting a three-part roundtable series focused on sharing lessons learned from TAACCCT with current community college grantees and the wider workforce development community. Each session will feature expert speakers with time for audience Q&A.



Jenn Smith, Division Chief, Division of Strategic Investments, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration



Lauren Eyster, Senior Fellow, Income and Benefits Policy Center, Urban Institute

Lesley Mara, Director Strategic Initiatives, Sponsored Research and Outreach, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities