The U.S. Employment and Training Administration (ETA) created this electronic series to provide basic labor market information (LMI) training in a more convenient and less costly fashion than traditional classroom training (although some of the modules permit classroom instruction).
It was designed for workforce development professionals, including American Job Center front-line staff, managers, business service representatives, rapid response coordinators, workforce investment board (WIB) policy makers, and others.

The project spawned a wealth of materials, including general and state-specific resources encompassing slideshows, implementation instructions, videos, user guides, study aides, and quizzes. All of these are available at Translating LMI into Service Delivery, and ETA Training and Employment Notice 12-11.

The training presumes no previous subject matter or statistical knowledge, and explains basic terms and concepts plus various LMI sources. The five modules highlighted below — an introductory course plus four modules designed for specific purposes and customers — also include a soundtrack. The final four modules presume familiarity with the first module. The approximate time for each module is shown in parentheses, but you can complete them at your own pace.

  • Introduction to LMI (45 minutes)
  • LMI for the Job Seeker (30 minutes)
  • LMI for Assessing Skills (35 minutes)
  • LMI for Re-Employment (40 minutes)
  • LMI for Business (35 minutes)