This Month's Featured Content
  • WIOA Primer: The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has produced a report on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) which details WIOA Title I state formula program structure, services, allotment formulas, and performance accountability. Additionally, the report provides a brief overview of the Employment Service. The report provides a history of the publicly-funded workforce system is a great primer for legislators, WIB members and partner stakeholders.
  • MDRC Brief on Career Pathways: A Brief on Career Pathways from MDRC that describes the career pathways approach, highlighting core design elements, and profiles MDRC projects that shed light on the effectiveness of this approach and its potential to improve education and career outcomes.

  • Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO): Beyond Classroom--New Hampshire’s internet resource to support extended learning opportunities (ELOs). An Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) is a credit-bearing learning experience that takes place outside the traditional classroom.

  • Adapting Military Skills in the Civilian Workplace: Resources for Veterans and their Families--The following WSS resources provide information about eligibility, use of scholarships, and the application of military skills to the civilian workplace for service members transitioning to civilian life, military spouses, and future civilian employers of veterans.