(Webcast) Building the Cyber-Savvy Workforce

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America’s economic prosperity, national security and our individual liberties depend on our ability to secure cyberspace and maintain an open, interoperable, secure and reliable Internet. Creating a secure cyberspace is dependent on our ability to build a cyber-savvy workforce that supports “mission critical operations.”

Technology is converging into every aspect of our lives. Mission critical operations concern communications, water, electricity, transportation – all that ubiquitous technology we can’t live without that requires round-the-clock systems supervision.

In this webinar, we explore what Mission Critical Operations are and examine the work of Cleveland Community College, a TAACCCT grantee, in building the workforce that can secure these operations. We also examine the ways in which the Competency Model Clearinghouse and its cybersecurity-related models can be used as a resource in building a cyber-savvy workforce.


Cleveland Community College, TAACCCT Grantee


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