An authoritative, easy-to-use tool providing business leaders with specific information about the cost of substance use in their workplace based on size of employee base, industry, and state.

The National Safety Council and national nonprofit Shatterproof have collaborated with an independent research institution, NORC at the University of Chicago, to design "The Real Cost of Substance Use to Employers" tool. 

The Calculator examines expenses in four categories of substance use, including prescription pain medication and other opiates, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. Costs to employers include higher rates of absenteeism, more frequent turnover, and higher healthcare costs, including costs for family members who receive healthcare coverage through the employer's plan. 

The Calculator is constructed so that business leaders, human resource professionals, health plan executives, and others who are not specialists in substance use issues can easily answer questions about how substance use is impacting their workforce and what they can do to reduce these costs through prevention and treatment.


Source: NORC at the University of Chicago

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