Do you remember your first job, summer work experience, or internship?  Your involvement in the workforce system no matter how short shaped a stronger attachment to the labor force, developed valuable work skills, internalized workplace norms, and fostered an appreciation of earning your own money.

Youth employment shapes leaders, thinkers, and innovators; connecting youth to their first jobs and work experiences is a critical component for the growth of our future workforce and economy. Work experience can be paid or unpaid; can take place in the private for-profit, non-profit, or public sectors; and, is a planned, structured learning experience providing youth with opportunities for career exploration and skill development.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act identifies four types of work experience for youth: summer employment and other employment opportunities available throughout the school year, pre-apprenticeship programs, internships and job shadowing, and on-the-job training.

This month, we are pleased to highlight a number of resources focused on strengthening youth employment opportunities.  These include technical assistance tools and tip sheets housed on the Youth Connections, YouthBuild, Youth CareerConnect, Apprenticeship, and Youth Summer Jobs Communities, as well as, resources from other federal partners to help practitioners explore the best methods to develop and support early employment opportunities.


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