The Crescent Regional Industry Sector Partnership (CRISP) is a sector strategy charged with identifying clusters important to the economic competitiveness of the region.

The Lehigh Valley, Berks County, and Lancaster County Workforce Development Boards have partnered, in response to a mutual need, to share current and projected workforce development needs in the high-demand industry clusters in their four-county region (Berks, Lancaster, Lehigh and Northampton). The CRISP partnership is funded by a  Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Grant with the Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board as lead applicant and fiscal agent. 

The CRISP consortium considers common workforce development issues in specific targeted industry clusters, all of which exhibit a significant impact across the region, to develop strategies that will create efficiencies through greater collaboration, identify and reduce service redundancies, and establish cost effective programs that can benefit from policy collaboration on a regional basis.

A recent analysis and resulting report identified common workforce strengths and critical talent shortages in the Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry; also recognizing some common industry supply versus demand occupational job placement challenges.  As the most significant traded cluster shared across the region with nearly 13,000 high paying manufacturing jobs, the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry accounts for 16% of the total annual economic impact from all manufacturing in the CRISP region.  Still, the talent pipeline for new entrants into these occupations currently falls short and is not projected to meet employer demand at the increasingly rapid pace that new technology and expanding markets will require.

As a regional enterprise, CRISP recognizes it must continue to build on the success of the initiative that the Workforce Development Boards have already inaugurated, such as:


Source: CRISP Sector Strategy Report

More information:         Cathy Rychalsky, Executive Director