Denver Startup Week is a weeklong event intended to unite the entrepreneurial community in Downtown Denver and beyond.

Denver Startup Week is a celebration of everything entrepreneurial in Denver and the largest free event of its kind in the world. In 2017, the sixth annual event brought 19,000 people together at 376 programs and events to celebrate Denver’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and build the center city’s culture of innovation.

The community plays a critical role in creating the event’s programming. Each spring, the community is asked to submit session ideas that they would like to put on during the week.  Session submissions take all types of shapes and forms: moderated panels, skill-building workshops, keynote presentations, interactive roundtables, competitions, and endless other creative ideas.  After the call for proposals, the public votes on the sessions they would like most to see, and the Organizing Committee ultimately selects the sessions for inclusion in the event program.  In 2017, nearly 1,200 sessions were proposed by the community, resulting in 376 individual sessions and events.

Daily programming is organized into eight functional tracks that are oriented around key functional roles within a business. Through the track programming, every member of a team, in every industry, can come to learn, grow, and prepare for their next challenge. Whether a company founder, marketer, artist, sales specialist, coder, manufacturer, or anything in between.

The epicenter of Denver Startup Week is Basecamp.  The activities at Basecamp represent the best of Denver Startup Week – including keynote speakers, premier session highlights, on-site mentoring with prominent startup leaders, networking events and meetups, and access to exclusive learning opportunities and resources.

Additionally, throughout the week, an array of Headline Events serve to convene the entire community and embody the spirit of Denver’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Headline events include a kick-off breakfast, opening night party and a pitch challenge. 

Source: Denver Startup Week

More information:         Rye Finegan, Downtown Denver Partnership

           Manager, Denver Startup Week