Strategy for using credentialed education and training in high-demand industries to fill vacancies with workers without a four-year degree but possessing the necessary skills.

The report, Untapped: Redefining Hiring in the New Economy, highlights the “upskilling” trend led employers to raise educational requirements for jobs that once did not require a bachelor’s degree.   Among the findings:

  • A growing number of non-BA workers are pursuing certificates or associate degrees, but not in high-paying fields such as information technology or engineering;
  • Associate degree holders are equipped to fill some occupations that have been upskilled to require a BA, such as computer-related jobs, life science technicians, sales and related workers, and administrative assistants;
  • A high degree of overlap is found between non-BA and BA workers when it comes to certain baseline skills – such as organizational, problem solving, and multitasking skills; and
  • The biggest skills gaps between non-BA and BA workers are seen in computer literacy and software skills.