In October 2018, there were over 630,000 military spouses in the United States.  Compared to civilians, military spouses are 10 times more likely to have moved to a new state lines in the last year due to military relocation.  For those who work in licensed occupations it can be time-consuming and costly to obtain licensure in a new state.

These difficulties contribute to employment gaps and underemployment within military families, which can lead to additional stress and financial strain that could also impact military spouses’ health and well-being, as well as service members’ military readiness.

In recent years, most states have passed laws creating streamlined license recognition options for military spouses.  The U.S. Department of Labor has created resources to help military spouses, organizations that support military spouses, and state agencies and licensing boards understand and take advantage of these laws.

Resources for Military Spouses, American Job Center Staff, and Organizations that Support Spouses

Military Spouse Interstate License Recognition Options Website

Visit the U.S. Department of Labor website to find out each state’s license recognition options for military spouses, learn about the licensing reimbursement program, find out if an occupation is part of an interstate reciprocity agreement, and find licensing board contact information. The website also provides additional employment resources for military spouses.


Military Spouse License Recognition Resource Guide

A Resource Guide that highlights a four-step process spouses can follow to navigate the license recognition process. Spouses should 1) Learn about specific laws and resources in their state 2) Explore occupation-specific guidance 3) Find their licensing board and 4) Contact their licensing board.


Webinar: Supporting Military Spouses in Licensed Occupations

Participants heard from states about the promising practices they have implemented to make the occupational license recognition process easy to navigate for military spouses.


Military Spouse License Recognition FAQs for Career Counselors

These FAQs can be used by career services staff and American Job Center partners when working with a military spouse seeking license recognition. Information is included for the top ten states with the highest concentration of military spouses. Each state entry includes the applicable license recognition laws, links for state-specific information, relevant interstate licensing agreements, and information about accommodations for military spouse attorneys.


Women’s Bureau – Meeting in a Box

The Meeting in a Box is a communication resource developed by the Women’s Bureau that includes a presentation slide deck with notes, a fact sheet, and talking points. The resource provides information to use in meetings, speeches, or incorporate important messages in a presentation.