The Pennsylvania Academic and Career/Technical Training Alliance (PACTT) is a network of juvenile justice facilities providing career and technical  education.

PACTT originated in 2008 as a response measure to shortcomings evidenced within the Commonwealth’s system of residential and non-residential service providers of delinquent youth. Information gathered from Pennsylvania’s two largest urban centers (Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties) indicated that young people placed in juvenile justice programming facilities were failing to achieve acceptable results in three critical areas: 

1.       High school graduation; 

2.       Transition to post-secondary schools or training programs, and;

3.       The ability to obtain employment.

A workgroup was formed and developed overarching goals and key resources to implement the objectives; most notably the Employability Soft Skills Manual (ESSM) which is a framework document that identifies 27 key competencies within five general domain areas recognized as essential in preparation for successful employment.

In 2013, PACCT transitioned to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Bureau of Juvenile Justice.  PACTT provides systemic leadership in the efforts to improve the academic and career and technical training that delinquent youths receive while in residential placement, and in their home communities upon return. 

There are currently 33 private residential PACTT affiliates, 6 state-operated residential affiliates, and 17 community-based, non-residential affiliates. PACTT provides technical assistance to correctional programs, both out-of-home placements and in the community, to give them the tools to meet the standards.


Source: Pennsylvania Academic/Career & Technical Training Alliance (PACTT) 

More information:     Russell Zemanek

            PACTT Director