Partnerships and planning are critical to leveraging both existing and new resources and responding to new customer demand.  Workforce Development Board leadership, service alignment, asset mapping, and connection to employers has never been more crucial. Planning efforts connect our job seeker and business services efforts, and when aligned with Labor Market Information, serve to provide the backbone for an effective approach to serving our state and regional communities.

Service Alignment Resources. Now, we need to understand the needs of our customers and maintain connections with our workforce partners and these these resources share effective service delivery strategies. 

Asset-Mapping Resources. Engaging in asset mapping can ensure efficient use of resources, more comprehensive and quality customer service, and better outcomes. 

Sector Strategies Resources. As the economy shifts, we need to rapidly reassess the needs of our key industries and shift strategy to support both our business customers and inform our service alignment and career pathways efforts. 

Career Pathway Development and Implementation Resources. Career pathway tools are useful for identifying transferable skill sets when used with students and job seekers facing career change and can also be used to ground discussions with businesses around where current gaps exist, and where we might best place our resources to support the bridging of skill gaps. 

State/Local Workforce Leadership & Planning Resources. Boards can help coordinate response by maintaining close contact with employers and leveraging key relationships to help validate labor market information, inform education and training planning, direct students and job seekers to real time opportunities, and allow for support to meet new industry and workforce needs. 

Current Flexibilities. Rapidly changing economic conditions require workforce flexibilities.  DOLETA has created the following resources for states: