Data-driven planning and decision making will be an essential component of successful job recovery and reengagement efforts. This page highlights popular LMI resources available on WorkforceGPS as well as new and unique real-time LMI resources that will be helpful in guiding workforce services and recovery planning efforts.

State LMI Contact. Connect with State Labor Market Information Contact List to learn about the LMI data, resources, and analyses they provide for your state.

Real-Time LMI Resources. The economic environment has shifted dramatically and real-time LMI will be needed for both immediate response and on-going recovery efforts. The Guide to Real-Time LMI Resources links to real-time LMI tools and offers guidance on their use.  The tools track real-time indicators such as employment rates, job postings across counties, industries, and income groups.

WorkforceGPS LMI Resources. WorkforceGPS has LMI Central, the Labor Market Information Community of Practice, which provides a range of LMI resources to inform the work of workforce development professionals. Some of the most popular and useful resources during this time include:

Other LMI Resources:

  • The Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker aggregates commercial and public sector data to present a picture of economic activity at various geographic levels and by industry and income level. The interactive dashboard focuses on key economic indicators – including small business activity, employment, and consumer spending – alongside key factors on education, public health, and policy milestones which can inform the public and guide policy.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Unemployment Claims Monitor provides data on initial and continued claims for unemployment insurance as well as claimants' demographic data.  
  • Chmura’s COVID-19 Economic Vulnerability Index is a measurement of the negative impact that the Coronavirus crisis can have on employment based upon a region’s mix of industries.
  • EMSI’s Three Steps to Support Economic Recovery: A Guide for Economic and Workforce Development Organizations is a look at steps communities can take to move forward, support local businesses, and spur recovery.