The Opportunity Occupations Monitor data tool allows users to compare the share of opportunity employment between different states and metro areas, and it shows how this has changed over time.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity (CWEO)  data tool tracks trends in opportunity employment—the share of workers who earn at least the U.S. annual median wage in occupations for which employers do not require a bachelor's degree—in states and metro areas.

Users can also focus on an individual state or metro area to see how the share of job ads for which employers require a Bachelor of Art has changed over time for individual occupations there as well as the wage ranges and total employment for all occupations in that area.

The tool informs workforce development professionals, policymakers, career counselors, and students of good-paying opportunities available across the country to workers without a four-year degree.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

More information: Stuart Anderson, Director, Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity