The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) has partnered with Coursera to provide free career-focused, online learning resources to Minnesotans. This partnership is made possible by the Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative.

DEED will work directly with Coursera to create accounts for Minnesotans and provide immediate access to online courses. Learners in Minnesota who choose to sign up for Coursera will need to complete their registration before September 30, 2020. Thanks to additional support from the state government of Minnesota, learners will have full access to training through March 2021.

Any Minnesotan who has applied for unemployment insurance in 2020 and already has an account on uimn.orgwill receive an invitation to sign up for Coursera; other Minnesotans who are interested may also provide their name and contact information at to receive access.

Through this initiative, learners will have access to 3,800 courses on Coursera that cover job-relevant skills in business, technology, and data science as well as courses related to professional and personal development. These include Professional Certificates from companies like IBM, Google, and Cisco that are aimed at helping prepare people for entry-level careers in fields like IT. Other in-demand industries with relevant upskilling content on the platform include construction, manufacturing, and health care. The platform is mobile-friendly, available in multiple languages, and provides extensive back-end support to ensure accessibility on any device. For learners without regular internet access at home, the courses can also be downloaded and accessed offline.

Full access to the Coursera platform typically costs individual learners $400 annually. This initiative will allow those costs to be waived for any Minnesotans that want to utilize the platform, including the cost of earning certifications and industry-recognized credentials. Minnesotans interested in extending their Coursera access after March 2021 will have an option to pay for additional access.


Source: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)

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Developed with funding through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act