Indiana’s Rapid Recovery for a Better Future initiative developed an online hub that includes resources for career coaching resources and prior learning assessment that enables credit for previous experiences to meet personal economic and education goals.

Rapid Recovery connects Hoosiers with relevant, simple and real-time access to job, career, skill and educational resources for personal advancement. provides connection and one-on-one support at the touch of their fingertips. A comprehensive outreach network also shares the state’s robust resources with Hoosiers from their own trusted sources, such as pastors and faith leaders, community leaders, and employers.

Engaging career coaching resources and empowering Hoosiers to assess their skills enables them to earn credit for previous experiences to meet personal economic and education goals; tapping into career coaching and mentoring from WorkOne, Ivy Tech Community College and Skillful Indiana.

Hoosiers advance in their careers with convenient access to accelerated programs and credentials that value prior learning and experiences. Strategies include highlighting the Next Level Jobs Workforce Ready Grant to access free training for high-demand industries and using prior learning assessments so Hoosiers can take credit for what they already know.

Source: Indiana Governor’s Workforce Cabinet

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Developed with funding through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.