is a work-based learning hub for in- and out-of-school youth and young adults in Nevada.

The Nevada Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation (OWINN) officially re-launched LifeWorksNV (, the statewide work-based learning hub for student career seekers looking for information and opportunities in registered apprenticeship, internships, career and technical education programs, career exploration, and more. Additionally, the website informs employers on how to get involved in work-based learning and how to create an apprenticeship or internship program while also helping educators with information such as career and technical education, in-demand occupations and how to request a classroom speaker with industry experience to speak to students. The website can be translated into 17 different languages.

To make these opportunities possible, LifeWorks utilizes strategic partnerships between Nevada government agencies, K-12 public education, business and industry leaders, and the Nevada System of Higher Education. It is only through this collaboration that LifeWorks is able to promote relevant and effective career pathways for all Nevada students.

The goal of LifeWorks is to inspire young people’s participation in planning for life beyond high school. Whether they are interested in a four-year college experience, graduating with an industry-recognized certificate or getting a head start on additional training programs, Nevada career seekers have several options to explore. Pathways through LifeWorks include earning a college- or career-ready diploma; obtaining the ACT National Career Readiness Certification; participating in work-based learning programs; studying in career and technical education programs; dual enrollment/dual credit courses; and apprenticeship programs.


Source: Nevada Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation

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