The Open Skills Network (OSN) is a coalition of employers, education providers, military, and other stakeholders dedicated to advancing skills-based education and hiring. 

The OSN seeks to establish a national network of open skills libraries and skills data to accelerate skills-based education and hiring across industry sectors at scale.  The purpose is to promote a more equitable, skills-driven labor market that matches learners, and workers with skills-based education and career opportunities to the benefit of the individual, employer, and economy at large.

An advocate organization for for open skills and the skills-based practices they unlock, the OSN welcomes any organizations and its members to join in the conversation.  The OSN is currently building a broad coalition of stakeholders interested in forming an alliance around open skills. For those who would like to receive periodic updates, becoming a general network partner will subscribe them to communications and Network-wide webinars and allow them to join a working group. For those who would like to contribute, there are four working groups (subcommittees): governance, market leadership, policy, and technical. Current parntners include Amazon Web Services, American Council on Education, Emsi, Walmart, and the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Sources: Open Skills Network

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