WorkRise is a research-to-action network on jobs, workers, and mobility hosted by the Urban Institute.

A national platform for identifying, testing, and sharing bold ideas for transforming the labor market, WorkRise plans to invest more than $7 million in research grants over the next three years.  The organization will fund research on promising practices, policies, and programs underway across the country as well as foundational research on labor market trends.

WorkRise will support research—including pilots—that yields actionable insights on policies, programs, and practices that can strengthen economic security and accelerate economic mobility for workers in low-wage jobs.  To develop its research priorities, WorkRise will collaborate with and build upon the work of a diverse network of stakeholders, including leading researchers and research institutions, large and small employers, industry networks, worker advocates and labor organizers, workforce development and human services practitioners, and federal, state, and local policymakers. These partnerships will allow WorkRise to give decisionmakers the evidence and solutions they need to enact and scale meaningful and durable change. 

Source: WorkRise Network

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