Climb Hire prepares working adults for jobs that require a background in Salesforce.

Working adults from low-income communities aspire to find upwardly mobile careers yet struggle to break into a new industry without traditional education backgrounds and strong professional networks. Climb Hire focuses on the Salesforce Administrator skill because it offers a range of professional opportunities and an annual salary range of $45-$90k. Since LinkedIn data indicates jobseekers are 9x more likely to be hired when they're referred by someone to a job, it is critical for individuals without a college degree or strong professional network to build social capital.

Climb Hire’s program combines technical and soft skills training while teaching participants how to build a strong professional community. The learning model includes:

  • 150 hours of online class
  • In-class sessions include 75 hours of technical skills, a real-world capstone project, and 75 hours of soft skills training.
  • Classes take place on evenings and weekends so participants keep working throughout the program.
  • Most participants spend between 10-20 hours outside of class completing assignments and actively engaging with the community.

Climb Hire brings together a cohort of motivated adults to support one another as learners and alumni. Over the course of the program participants build meaningful relationships through their learning environments, class assignments, and community building exercises. Alumni become mentors and teachers for future cohorts.

Source: Climb Hire

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