The WorkforceGPS Playlist is a 30-45 minute compilation of audio and video clips focused on a unified theme, topics, or targeted populations. The clips of the playlists come from recorded WorkforceGPS webinars, webcasts, podcasts, Voices of Experience recordings, partner organizations and sister federal agencies, and any other excerpt of a WFGPS audio or video recording.


Click - Disability Inclusion Starts  With You - 1min
Click - Disability Sensitivity Training Video - 3:40min
Click - Why We Need Universal Design - 10min
Click - College Bound with Assistive Technology - 3:36 min
Click - Disability Etiquette Part Seven: Individuals  with Non-Obvious Disabilities  - 6:22 min
Click - Disability and Our Aging Population - 1:42 min
Click - The Americans with Disabilities Act at 30 years: What comes next? - 5:39 min