The Amended ETA-9172 DOL Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) for H-1B Grants has been updated to reflect the H-1B schema that is effective as of January 10, 2020. 

Changes from the previous version are highlighted in each tab within the document and include:

  1. PIRL 923- Other Reasons for Exit (WIOA)

Tab 4: H-1B Valid Values

  1. PIRL 923- Other Reasons for Exit (WIOA)

Tab 6: H-1B Logic Rules

  1. PIRL 2123: Incumbent Workers Retained Current Position in the 3rd Quarter After Program Completion- Rule C
  2. PIRL 2126: Entered Training-Related Employment- Rule B

Tab 7: H-1B QPR Aggregations (New Format of Aggregation Rules to fit Grant to Data, Rolling 4 Quarters, Current Quarter QPR Formats)

  1. E-6d: Participated in Registered Apprenticeship
  2. G-2: Incumbent Workers that Retained Current Position

Tab 8 H-1B QPR

  1. Updated QPR Selections (Grant to Date, Rolling 4 Quarters, Current Quarter)
  2. Updated Order and Sections of QPR Outcomes (No changes to the actual Outcomes listed)